My wife once described me as:

[He is] a logical Taoist, fledgling magick user, perpetual Power source, and affable American Mystic, naturally adept at energy working.

That was almost four years ago; I’m not certain what she would describe me as now, but I think that still holds.  About 30 or so years, I began being interested in cosmic things.  I started studying pantheons, and philosophies.  I was intrigued by many different forms of divination.

When I met my wife, before she was my wife, she woke me up to a myriad of attenuation in the fields around me and gave them names, gave me methods with which to manipulate them, gave me an expanded sight to see them.  I had the knowledge before, and other names for it, but never had anyone hold my hand and say, “Try this, and make that happen.”  It was amazing, and I jumped in with both feet (a common problem I have).  I jumped without looking.  I rushed in, like one of the many proverbial fools.  This caused an incredible amount of chaos.

I am now, after having laid a certain and definite path of destruction in my wake, more aware of what I’m doing.  I have begun on a definite journey, instead of wandering in the wilderness and lighting fires along the way.  I hope that you join me, and can stand to endure my progress.  I am not certain where I’m headed, but it’s bright there, and warm.

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